It is impossible to overlook the benefits of antivirus software in this era where malware threats, spyware, and adware are looming threats to individual’s computers, phones or tv; these viri get to our devices via the internet, it is a significant risk because the internet has become part of our lives, where we save our detailed information. Thus as a consumer, it is safe that you have a security system that will detect viruses.

There are different types of antivirus software they include;

Free antivirus; you do not need to buy; they provide only essential protection with no extra features.

Pay anti-malware; you have to purchase; most of them are all inclusive and automatically updated for the latest threats.

Spam filters; it is an additional protection that processes the incoming emails by filtering the unwanted messages.

File shredders; it completely deletes unwanted files from your device hard drive beyond recovery and without leaving any electronic traces.

Anti-phishing tools; there are free security toolbars that provide extra protection against any fraudulent attempt to obtain your sensitive information mostly through emails, it will block the content and give the device users a warning.

A range of software programs has been designed to offer the above security features.

Below are Consumer’s 2018 Guide to Antiviruses;

Kaspersky anti-virus

It as a perfect score in malware-blocking and encrypting malicious URL. It also does not have annoying pop-ups. Other features include secure online storage, password manager or ad blocker, secure browser, file shredder, windows backup, recovery software and webcam protection.

Bitdefender anti-virus plus

If you worry about Kaspersky due to the controversies surrounding it Bitdefender anti-virus plus is the best alternative, it has the same security features, but the difference is that the Bitdefender slows down when loading websites in a test.

Avast security for Mac

It is highly recommended for Mac; it detects malware for both Mac and Windows, it is easy to use. Additional features include file shredder, password manager, Wi-Fi inspector and minimal system load.

Avast free anti-virus

It is the best free anti-virus program that scans against malware and phishing. Its bonuses are; password manager and security scan for the router. It is speedy and easy to use.

Symantec Norton Premium antivirus

It scores against ransom wares, viruses, spyware, and malware among other online threats. It also protects private and financial information. With a single subscription, you will secure multiple PCs, Macs, tablet or Smartphones and automatically backs up your files and documents.

The above are the most recommended and have higher ratings.

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